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Windows 7 TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.1

Restore Registry from RegBackup


Type the following command to move inside the RegBack, which contains a backup of the Registry, and press Enter:

  cd c:\windows\system32config\RegBack

DSIM - The restorehealth option is not recognized in this context


Hi Ansal,

If you have Windows 7 the DISM command doesn't have the repair functionality 
that's why you get the error, only Windows 8 and above supports that.

You need to download the System Update Readiness Tool (SUR) 
that matches your Operating System

Save it to some place, its a big download and eventually you 
need to run it several times, keep the file in safe place.
Run the tool. Its like an Update but it can take a long time to do 
the work. You will get an Installation Complete screen when it's done running.

After running SUR restart the computer and run SFC /scannow again to see 
if it continues to report errors or not.

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River


The Windows 7 ISO images hosted on Digital River is genuine and official version, and the 
downloads from the server is legal. It’s after all one of the official channel where end-users 
who purchase a license (product key) for Windows 7 get the setup installation files.

Taking Ownership of a File or Folder from the Command Line


To take ownership of a folder, use the command:

takeown /f <foldername> /r /d y
In this command, you must replace <foldername> with the full file system path to the folder 
you want to take ownership of. You need to include the /r switch when you want to also take 
ownership of all the subfolders and files in the specified folder.




icacls "File/folder_name" /grant "USER":F /t 
will provide full access to the user specified as"USER" to the file or folder specified. 
The /t allows traversal to its sub-folders and files and provides the permission

How to Disable “Install Windows Updates and Shut Down” Option in Windows Start Menu?


  It might become a bit annoying if you are in hurry and want to shut down your system immediately 
  without wasting your time in installing those updates and sometimes it gets worst when you accidentally 
  click on the button in hurry.

How to Fix Windows 7 When It Fails to Boot


  Fixing the Master Boot Record (MBR)
  How to change active partitions
  How to create a Windows 7 System Recovery Disc

Display Symbolic Links Junction Points NTFS



  NTFS Links View is a brand new Nirsoft application that displays all symbolic links and 
  junction points on a NTFS hard drive in its interface.


  dir /aL


  Junction Link Magic (340 kB - Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7) is a utility that lets 
  you create junction points with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.
  A L S O : Stream Explorer 1.0.4 (619 kB - Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7) is a utility that reveals 
  file streams with Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7.

Trouble with shared folders between xp and windows 7

Group Policy Offline files and Bat file - trouble with shared folders between xp and windows 7 - Spiceworks

  @REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetCache"  /v SilentForcedAutoReconnect /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f > nul
  @REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer" /v  NoSimpleNetIDList /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f > nul
  sc config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/mrxsmb20/nsi
  sc config mrxsmb20 start= auto


  To enable SMBv1 on the SMB client, run the following commands:
  sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/mrxsmb20/nsi
  sc.exe config mrxsmb10 start= auto

Using SharedFinder app on Android

  XP Pro SP3                      = Windows 2000 Lan Manager (Windows 5.1)
  XP Pro 64 SP2                   = Windows XP 5.2 (Windows XP 3790 Service Pack 2)
  Windows 7 Ultimate              = Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1 (Windows 7 Ultimate 7601 Service Pack 1)
  Windows 7 Pro                   = Windows 7 Professional 6.1 (Windows 7 Professional 7601 Service Pack 1)
  Windows 8 Pro with Media Center = Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 6.2 (Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 9200)

How many connections are allowed to a Windows 7 Home Premium shared folder or printer? - Super User

How to Disable the Max Limit Set on Simultaneous Network Connections

Windows 7 Shared folders inaccessible - Spiceworks

Computer Configuration\\Administrative templates\\Network\\Offline files - Google Search

Accessing to a folder fails from Windows XP to Windows 7 in some cases - Spiceworks

Thilak Raj B&#39;s profile - Spiceworks

Accessing to a folder fails from Windows XP to Windows 7 in some cases - Super User

  Set to 1 - HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache
  Set to 3 - HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\Size

LargeSystemCache: Core Services

Getting Access is Denied when accessing Windows 7 share from Windows - Microsoft Community

windows 7 professional maximum user simultaneously access shared folder


  Windows Non-Server versions:
  5 users: Windows XP Home, Vista Starter/Home Basic
  10 users: WindowsNT, 2000, XP Professional, Vista Home Premium/Business/Enterprise/ - Ultimate
  20 users: Windows 7, Windows 8


  net config server


  Disable the Max Limit Set on Simultaneous Network Connections

install and use windows xp mode in windows 7


  This version creates a virtual envelope for Windows XP N, the version Microsoft created without 
  Media Player 9 pre-installed, to appease the European Commission.
  To use Windows XP Mode, you need to download and install Windows XP Mode, and Windows Virtual PC,
  the program that runs virtual operating systems on your computer.

How to create a Windows Vista / 7 / 8 installation disc (bootable) using ImgBurn


  This guide will take you through the steps in burning a pre-prepared Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 
  installation source directory to a disc.
  Note: Instructions wise, Windows 2008 should be basically the same as Windows Vista, Windows 2008 R2 should 
  be basically the same as Windows 7 and Windows 2012 should be basically the same as Windows 8.

Change Floppy Drive Dos Letter


  Start Regedit and find: 
  My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices.
  Under that you will see a \DosDevices\B:
  Select the entry and press F2 (or Rt click and choose rename)
  Rename to \DosDevices\A:

long filenames how long is too long


Good Utility

  TLPD is designed to tackle the 'path name too long' issue. It scans the directory tree, searching for files and 
  folders with full path name that may be too long for Windows to handle. TLPD is portable, has silent mode. 
  ReadMe and source are available.


  Long Filename Finder is the easiest way to find and shorten filenames that are too long to be backed up to CD-R (or CD-RW).


  FileBoss can rename one file or thousands most anyway you want.
  The rename routines are the easiest and most flexible around. Each file can be individually confirmed 
  (and, of course, changed before renaming) or you can tell FileBoss to just to do it all without asking 
  again. And it can even rename recursely through folders.


  How long can a file name be?
  It depends on the length of the complete path to the file (such as C:\Program Files\filename.txt). 
  Windows limits a single path to 260 characters. This is why you might occasionally get an error when 
  copying a file with a very long file name to a location that has a longer path than the file's original 

Speccy - System Information


  Speccy is an advanced System Information tool for your PC. Need to find out what's inside your computer?
  No problem! Speccy will give you all the information you need.

Read Linux From Windows


Open source ext3/4 file system driver for Windows (2K/XP/VISTA/WIN7)


Location of Start Menu

  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

reliability monitor history

search for “reliability”

Reliability Monitor is an advanced tool that measures hardware and software problems and other changes to your computer.

Fix Slow Windows Networking Problems When VirtualBox is Installed


Without further ado:

Open the Network and Sharing Center Click Change adapter settings on the left. You’ll see your Local Area Connection or WiFi connection listed, along with another adapter called VirtualBox Host-Only Network. Right click this VirtualBox adapter, and choose Disable

How to Increase the 10 Connection Limit on a Windows LAN


First, type Win-R to open the “Run” dialog box, and type gpedit.msc.

At this point, one of two things will happen:

You have a fancier version of Windows, so a nice management console will pop up. You have a less fancy version of Windows, so it will give you an error message. If you see the management window, then navigate thisaway:

Computer Config → Windows Settings → Security Settings → Local Policies → Security Option

And set Interactive Logon to 50 (the maximum) or 0 (i.e. disable caching completely)

BrowStat diagnostics


  Okay - I may have found a resolution - but it doesn't make any sense to me, so I really don't like it. 
  Server 1 - (Active Directory PDC Server Server 2008 R2-64 bit)  my settings are:
  Computer Browser - Enabled, Auto Start
  HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters\MaintainServerList - Yes
  HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters\IsDomainMaster - I deleted this value
  Server 2 - (Server 2008-32 Bit machine that was also originally in the "abbreviated list"), my settings are:

Server 2003 - Access is denied in My Network Places


Troublshooting the browser service Make sure the Computer Browser service is Started. Make sure NetBIOS is enabled on everything. If there are any antivirus software, it could block browser traffic. This of course is all assuming that the Computer browser service is running.

Run a browstat status to see who the browse master is for the segment. If it's not the PDC Emulator, and some other device won the election, that can cause a problem. To check current status of the browse service on the domain:

 browstat status

You should get a response similar to:

  Browsing is active on domain.
  Master browser name is: <serverName>

Note, the machine that is the current master browser will either be, depending if the machine type exists on the segment: the PDC Emulator, a replica DC on the segment, a member server, joined workstation, or workgroup member. If you find a device is winning the election, then we need to disable that ability in the device. If there are no features for that, contact their support department, or put the device behind it's own subnet or VLAN to prevent it from doing so. To find the current browse master on a segment, you'll have to find the TransportID:

 First run:
     browstat getmaster \device\netbt_el59x1 <domainname>
 It will error out because the "netbt_el59x1" probably doesn't exist, and will respond with the transports currently bound to the browser. Copy and paste the transport that does show up into your next command:
     browstat getmaster \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{C2055954-4F86-446F-ACBA-E00BE731C3FB} <domainname>

Force an election by running:

 browstat elect \device\netbt_ieepro1 <domainname>

Then check the event logs to see which machine won the election. If it's a device, such as I've found that Linux/Unix with SAMBA, or devices such as a Seagate NAS, may win the election and cause browsing havoc within an environment and get that familiar, but unwanting “Access Denied” when trying to browse.

Troubleshooting the Microsoft Browser Services:

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